YD is the Official Canadian Distributor of Fi Exhaust System.

For any exhaust system requirements not listed in our website, kindly contact us via telephone at 905-761-8599 or through email at info@yd-motorsports.com for pricing and details.

Frequently asked questions

How long it will take to recieve my exhaust.

Depends on stocking condition, it may take from 1-4 weeks in general to be deliveried.

Will the Fi-Exhaust trigger the CEL Light?

If you only change the catback system, the answer is NO.

If you changed your downpipe, there is a possibility to trigger the CEL light, you will need an ECU tune or FI PRO REMOTE CONTROL system.

Optional Sport 200 Cell Downpipe

With the larger cells and fast exhaust flow rate, it is smooth, durable and do not have refractory wool burn-out problems. The higher the number of the cells, the smaller and denser the hole is. The higher the back pressure, the more it can enhance torque performance, while the opposite is true for increasing horsepower.Converting your stock catalyst converter (400~800 CPSI) into our metallic catalyst converters will result in significant enhancements in airflow discharge that circumvents the limitations and parameters set by car manufacturers.

Optional Sport 200 Cell Downpipe

Exhaust Tips Options

Optional Fi Exhaust Pro Control System

Fi EXHAUST Pro Control System control system consist of intelligent control box, sporty 2 button style remote control and mobile App.

*The mobile App scans and deletes CEL using manual or Auto scan on the engine startup.

* Monitor real-time valve status with Fi EXHAUST Pro App’s intuitive and friendly interface.

* Assign Auto Mode data values. Afterwards the system will intelligently detect engine RPM/Speed/Turbo Boost and turn on the valves.

* Each remote control button can be assigned with 1 function to open/close the valves or activate Auto Mode delivering more precision in the hands of the driver.

* The design is smooth and offers a nice grip, and the aluminum alloy ring can be customized in 14 different colors or switched to forged carbon with a unique marble like texture.