YD's 1000+ WHP Supra MK5

YD's 1000+ WHP Supra MK5

The Number tells all.

Leveraging the YD Motorsports B58 Stage X Engine Program, this Supra achieves an impressive output of 1025 WHP with 90% E-blend fuel. Moreover, it is equipped with a dynamic adjustment capability that allows for a reduction to approximately 600 WHP for daily operations on Pump Gas, courtesy of its advanced flex-fuel functionality.

Fully built engine, fueling and cooling system is done in-house by YD Motorsports with ETS PT6870 6-Port turbo kit. Our industry-leading partner enforces the transmission - Pure Drivetrain Solution Stage 2 ZF8 Solution.


Fully Built B58TU Engine by YD MOTORSPORTS

YD in-house built B58TU Engine

PT6870 Turbo Kit

1000WHP+ Capable, PTE6870 Turbo Kit

Stock look

Bone Stock Exterior Look

100-200 in 5.69 sec on Pump Gas, 0°C Winter