Frequently asked questions about YD's GT-1000 Package

What is included in the YD's GT-1000 Power Package

YD's GT-1000 Power Package includes following items to achieve 1000HP target power level:

  • Upgraded Turbocharger with Exclusive Twin-scroll Manifold
  • Upgraded AMG 7 Speed Transmission
  • Upgraded High Flow Exhaust System
  • Upgraded Fuel Pump and 2nd Injection System
  • 3D Water Meth Injection System
  • Oversized Heat Exchanger Upgrade
  • Exclusive Mercedes On-The-Fly ECU Map Switch
  • Professional Installation and Servicing
  • YD Engine Control Unit and Transmission Unit Calibration
  • 1-Year / 20000KM Project Limited Warranty
Do I have warranty on the YD's GT-1000 Power Package?

At YD Motorsports, our paramount concern is ensuring optimal customer satisfaction with every GT-1000 performance enhancement and modification package we offer. To underscore our commitment to quality and reliability, we extend a comprehensive warranty covering one year or 20,000 km —whichever comes first— on each upgrade tailored for the Mercedes AMG GT Series. This ensures our clients have absolute confidence in their investment. We cordially invite clients to finalize the acquisition of their GT-1000 vehicle at the YD Auto Group Headquarters in Newmarket, ON, to experience the pinnacle of automotive performance.

AMG GT Series

Street Icon, Exhibition Masterpiece, Racing Dynamo.

The GT-1000 Power Package represents an exceptional evolution of the iconic AMG GT. With YD's proprietary upgraded turbocharger complemented by an exclusive twin-scroll exhaust manifold, we elevate the power from the conventional 503HP factory setting to an exhilarating 1000HP.

The Racing Dynamo

Your ultimate speed killer, putting down over 940 wheel horsepower to the ground. Breaking the 200KPH from the speed limit in just 4.5 sec.

The Racing Dynamo
James HoughtonTime Attack Racer / World Laptime Record Holder

I fully endorse this package with endless power.

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